My Camp

Vegvisir helps the bearer find their way through rough weather and there way home

The camp for me is where I intend to stay the night. Often it is some sort of windbreak shelter along a trail, just a nice place in the middle of the woods or along a lake shore. For me the challenge is to adapt to the situation and use what is provided to me at that time.
Often, I sleep in a hammock, a tent or under a tarp. Regardless of which one I use there are some common routines to address.

  • Collect and boil, or purify drinking water
  • Chose a spot to make camp (look for widow makers, where the sun rises, wild life, and so on)
  • Pay attention to the weather conditions

  • Chose an area to prepare and cook food, perhaps a fire
  • Address the health, hygiene, and cloths situation (if need to)
  • The technical side of things, charge equipment and so on
  • Chose a good place for the camp latrine, at least 50 meters from camp, a trail or water. Remember to burn the paper or taket it with you, depending on the situation

Right of public access

In Sweden we have the right to be in the nature as long as we take care of it when we are there.

In this folder here (from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) you can read more about what obligations you have as a visitor in nature.

Leave no trace!