My equipment

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On my person

What I carry on my person when I am out walkabout.

  • A knife or a cutting tool, either one of my Fällkniven or a multitool
  • A way to make fire like a Fire Steel (Ferrocerium Rod)
  • A small first aid kit or a "military bandage" like the AKLA 20x20
  • A Compass

My 24-hour pack: the Lundhags GNEIK 34 RL

My Lundhags GNEIK backpack I refer to as my daypack or 24-hour pack for excursions out in the nature. It´s with me when birding, photographing, or doing bushcraft and hiking.

It’s not intended to be at kit for an overnight in the woods but could serve as that do to what I have in the kit for back up.

In general, I have with me

  • Food, some sort of “MRE” type or such and my cook kit
  • A First aid kit for smaller wounds and a bandana
  • Rain gear and a fleece or a down jacket and som extra socks, beanie hat
  • Tools and my possible pouch
  • A shelter; the Jervenduk. with lines and the S.O.L Escape Lite Bivvy

My multi day pack: the Fjällräven KAIPAK 58L

My KAIPAK set up is more for longer stays in the woods.

Here I bring

  • A sleeping bag and a bivy bag. My ground sheet (ex-army) and a Exped sleeping pad and my BCB tarp. Or perhaps a tent.
  • Food for how long I intend to stay out
  • Tools for camp craft like an axe and a saw
  • A lager first aid kit
  • Clothes for warmth and some extra clothes to change in to
  • Things for cleaning up and a toilet kit
  • My possible pouch
  • Maps, GPS, and compass with a head lamp
  • And some other miscellaneous things

Equipment I use...


Fjällräven Kajka 75L, Fjällräven Kaipak 58L, Lundhags Gneik 34 RL, Tasmanien Tiger Trooper 35L, Fjällräven Kånken, Haglöfs ROC 25, Fjällräven Foldsack No.3

My Clothing for outdoor use:

TP Moen Anorak (modified), HESTRA Fält gloves and Ergo Grip Active gloves, RVRC GP Pro Rescue Pants, RVRC GP Pants, Taiga Shirts, Taiga boxershorts, Seger Trekking Plus socks, Salomon boots, The North Face rainjacket and pants, Swedish military raingear “M90”, Shemagh

Cooking Utensils:

EverNew Ultralight stove, EverNew Pot 800, Primus MicronTrail, GSI Pinnacle 4, Primus vindskydd, Primus Omnifuel stove, Power gas, Cutlery, Platypus 2L, Kåsa, Plate, Coffee kettle, Firebox, Optimus Crux, Nalgene 0,5/1.0 L Firebox Nano, Trangia coffee pot, Primus coffee pot, Trangia alcohol burner, Klean Kanteen Reflect


Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink 10L, Pocket Soap, Pocket Laundrywash, Towel, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Mirror, Scissor

Electronics and things:

Cellular phone, Powermonkey Extrem, Flashlight Klarus P2A, Garmin Oregon 200 GPS, Batteries, Primus Micro Lantern, Petzl Actik, Black Diamond Moji, UCO Mini Lantern, Carinthia Sit Pad, Exped Explorer 130 SA walking sticks, Komperdell TI-7 walking stick, Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars

Knifes and Tools:

Fällkniven F1, Fällkniven S1, Mora Knifes like Bushcraft-Eldris-Companion, Wetterlings/Gränsfors (small forest axes), Bacho Lapplander (saw), Gerber multi-Tool, Condor Bushlore knife, Mora Woodcarving 120, Julius Pettersson Auger 5mm

First aid items:

Swabs, Band-aid, Israeli bandage, 3M Steri-Strip, Tick Remover, Tweezer, Compeed, Antiseptic cream 1%, Painkillers, Resorb (electrolytes drink), Ointment, Lip balm, SAM Splint (finger)

Safety and Water filtration:

S.O.L Escape Lite Bivvy, Compass Silva Mod 15, Fire starter kit, Whistle, LifeStraw, Platypus Gravityworks 2L, Katadyn BeFree

Sleeping systems:

Carintha Brenta (-11 C), Carinthia Tropen (+5 C), Exped sleeping pad, Multimat self-inflating sleeping mat, Thermarest Ridgerest, "Carinthia" bivi bag, Thermo Liner +15 C, Groundsheet (surplus), Poncho Liner (woobie), Ajungilak Grevling bivi bag, Exped AirPillow


Snugpak Stratosphere, The North Face Rock 2, DD hammock Frontline, Tasmanien Tiger Island 1, BCB Tarp 3x2, Fjellduken original

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