Hello and welcome to my website on bushcraft, survival, adventure and wilderness life here in Sweden. I consider myself an advanced hiker, not an expert, but advanced. By this I mean that I am not dependent on already established routes. I find my own way and what nature has to offer.

Hej och välkomna till min sida om överlevnad, äventyr och vildmarksliv här i Sverige. Jag anser mig själv vara en avancerad vandrare, inte expert, men avancerad. Med detta menar jag att jag inte är beroende av redan etablerade leder eller dess bekvämligheter som erbjuds. Jag hittar min egna väg och kompletterar mitt sätt att vandra utifrån vad naturen kan erbjuda.

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Temet Nosce

Latin for "Know thyself"

This is one of the most important things to consider when entering the world of Bushcraft and wilderness life.

Not knowing how you will react in certain situations can be harmful. Like exposing yourself to cold weather or dehydration. Just because you didn’t know how much cloths you should wear in a certain situation or how much your body needs to drink for not to get dehydrated.


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